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BCR gives financial coaching to more than 130,000 Romanians

More than 130,000 Romanians have benefited from BCR’s financial coaching service to make a plan for their long-term financial well-being.

As a result of the financial coaching interactions, people made a number of decisions about their short, medium and long-term financial plans.

For example, 54% of those who used the financial coaching service set out to build up an emergency fund, the first step to a balanced and robust budget. In the first four months of this year, clients who benefited from financial coaching at BCR generated 25% of all requests to set up a regular savings product registered by the bank, and 31% decided to think about retirement, choosing a private Pillar 3 pension;

A significant 38% of financial coaching clients have set themselves the goal of additional protection, a crucial issue that can be achieved by using appropriate insurance products;

Almost a quarter of people going through the platform wanted to increase and diversify their investments in order to grow their money effectively;

16.000 clients who went through financial coaching had already started thinking about their medium and long-term goals and decided within the first 90 days to apply for a savings product as well as diversify their investments so as to multiply their money efficiently.

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