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3 Year Roundup for AFI Romania „Plan for Life” social program

AFI Europe Romania and The Social Incubator Association presents the results of the first three editions of the „Plan for Life” social program.

In the three editions of the program, 45 young people from all over the country have received a chance for a better future. Under the programme, young people have received housing, personal and professional counselling. Employment opportunities were identified and 43 young people found a career path and are now legally employed.

While at the beginning of the project, the needs of the teenagers were basic – housing, food, clothing – over the course of the project the beneficiaries of „Plan for Life” were able to focus on education and 20 young people continued or resumed their studies.

Also as part of the programme, young people received psychological counselling and had access to specialised workshops on different educational topics, as well as to various specialisation courses, depending on their preferences.

Overall, more than 1500 individual sessions, more than 70 workshops and 30 exploratory visits were organised.

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